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Click for Minor League Rules (3-5)

Click for Junior League Rules (6-8)


Reporting Game Scores
After each game, both coaches should agree on the score of the game and both coaches please report the score
to   so that the league standings can be updated.

We are continuing with our test of scheduling practices for Rec teams on our Event Calendar.   Each team can only have one practice on the calendar at any time.  Once that practice is completed, email
 to reserve another spot.

Coach Code of Conduct
Alll coaches are required to read and comply with the Code of Conduct. Please click here to view the Code of Conduct

ASA Umpires  (Only for 6-8 league)
They may inspect bats and helmets before the game.  Each team has an ASA approved team issued bat.  Personal bats may or may not be approved.

They will require that all batting helmets have chin straps and face masks.  Personal helmets may be disallowed based on this requirement.


Use the feedback link on the left margin.

Or email
 the respective coordinator

Or email the president. 


All coaches and volunteers are required to provide WGSA with certain personal information so that a CORI (Criminal Offender Records Information) check can be performed.  Much of this personal information is collected when you complete the online registration process for the player.  Additional information may be requested via email to complete the process.